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Getting Started

We try to keep the Senior Portrait process as simple as possible. 

Follow these easy steps to schedule and take your Senior portraits.


Step #1 - Look over the sessions we offer and decide which types of portraits you want or need for friends and family, as well as for the Yearbook.  You will be able to choose any portrait you take with Collegiate Studios for your Yearbook portrait, provided you schedule before the deadline listed under "Yearbook Info" for your school.*


Each session represents a different type of portrait sitting.  Most people who want portrait choices for ordering packages choose at least two sessions, though this is entirely up to you.  Before booking, we must know what types of sessions you want to schedule, so both the Senior and the parents should provide input before calling. 

Once you know what session(s) you would like to schedule, move on to Step #2.


Step #2 - Call us at 707-469-1200.  You will need to know your work, sports, and family schedule at least 2-3 weeks out before you call - this is to avoid costly rescheduling and confusion.  We are open late into the afternoon and evening on most weekdays, usually till 7pm, and schedule sessions for Saturdays and some Sundays (during Fall).  We generally book only 2-3 weeks in advance. 

It is very important that you know your upcoming schedules before you book - rescheduling sessions less than 72 hours in advance will automatically add a $20 missed/rescheduled session fee.  Sorry, no exceptions!  Once you have your sessions scheduled, move on to Step #3...


Step #3 - Picture day(s)!  Make sure you have your directions.  A few helpful hints:


-Get a haircut at least 2 days prior - you do not want the "fresh haircut" look, as it may expose tan lines and looks awkward.  --Make sure your outfits fit well, and wear your outfits out a few times if they are new.  Out-of-the-package shirts will still have  creases which must be removed through additional custom retouching.  If your shirt is supposed to be tucked in, please tuck it in.  If it is not supposed to be tucked in, wear an undershirt that matches and fits - if it's too long, it should be tucked in.  Removing undershirts that hang out underneath your outfit is an extra charge.

-If you are doing a Formal session, please wear a white t-shirt to go under our loaner shirts.



-Please do not wear sleeveless outfits, solid whites, or busy patterns.  Make sure your outfit fits correctly - wear it out a few times before your session to gauge fit.  If it is too big, it will look too big in pictures, and it should be avoided. 

-Check for straps and midriff coverage - we do have to charge extra to remove exposed straps, and we are not able to add fabric to cover areas your shirt doesn't. 

-Remember, you will be sitting, lying, leaning, standing, and more during your session, so wear a shirt and pants or a skirt of appropriate length.

-Arrive at your session with your makeup done and hair all prepped.  Bring a brush and makeup for touch-ups, especially outdoors.  The night before your session, check and update your fingernail polish.  Since you will be wearing a variety of outfits, it may be best to go with a clear-coat, or no polish at all.  There is an extra charge for removing or touching up fingernail polish.



-For outdoor or casual sessions, Do NOT wear solid whites or very busy patterns.  Dark, long-sleeve earth-tones work best - think browns, blues, greens, and reds. 

-If you wear glasses, Ask for an extra pair of glasses from your optometrist with the lenses removed to eliminate reflections,

-Arrive a few minutes early (for outdoor sessions, remember your photographer may be finishing up the prior session, and will meet you at the designated point by the beginning of your session time).  Make sure you are wearing your first outfit, including shoes and accessories.

-Most importantly, have fun!  Now, on to Step #4


Step #4 - At your sessions, you will schedule your viewing appointment.  This appointment is usually a day or two after your final session.  This is your chance to see your pictures on the big screen, if desired, receive your set of previews to take home with you, learn about choosing your Yearbook pose, go over the price list, and ask any questions you may have about our packages.  At your viewing, a $50 deposit is required to take home your proofs, this applied towards your order. You may also order your portraits online.


Step #5 - At your viewing, we will schedule your ordering appointment for sometime in the 2-3 weeks following your viewing.  This is when you decide what you would like to order for friends and family, and specify special retouching and cropping.  You will also likely turn in your Yearbook Pose form at this time (or you may drop it off at any time if not ordering).  If you'd like you may order online instead of coming in. That's it - you're done!


If you have any questions regarding the Senior Portrait process, please feel free to call us at 469-1200.  Although our staff is not allowed to choose your sessions for you, we can help you with any other questions you may have!

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